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Adidas AZX project

Being a real motherfucking sneaker-freaker I can not ignore releases like Adidas aZX. It is clean from name that all collection bases on Adidas ZX variations. The second main idea is designing crazy colored sneakers for an every letter on alphabet except letter ‘Y‘ (it means “You”, and you must create your own pair of sneakers) and combination ‘ZX‘ that means a model base of collection. Every letter is given to designers not randomly. ‘A’ for ACU, ‘U’ for Undefeated, ‘W’ for WoodWood and etc. You can see overall info on above photo. As you already recognize, Adidas aZX is collaboration with a couple of crazy designers and stores. It’s very interesting not only for Adidas fans but for whole sneaker culture because such collaborations always create new fashion trends. I am going to keep you In the Know of all aZX news and finishly all the ‘letters’ will be assesed. The first thing I want toshow you is the pic of prototypes of future collection.

Adidas aZX

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